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Social Media Pros and Cons

Today I was researching into the pros and cons of social media usage in school,  work and for personal enjoyment. I really have to wonder a few things. First how does one keep up with this fast pace ever changing world? Is it common for people to continually jump from one media to another as the new and better service hits the airwaves? Or are people more loyal than that?

I have read about people being fired, loosing loved ones and being  totally humiliated by what was posted using varieties of social media. For instance the person whose friend, only in the interest of having fun, posts a picture of them having a really good time but is deemed inappropriate by their employer thus  bring about ramifications that were beyond comprehension of the person who posted the picture.

The conclusion that I finally came to was think twice before posting: everything is public; privacy does not exist in the world of social media. It is easy to become too casual, too personal, to disclose too much personal information, to receive too much information and to cross boundaries into relationships that might be perceived as inappropriate.

Is this a too cynical way to see things or should I be looking at this from a different angle????



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