You Can Teach an Old Girl. . .

 Well I have just finished putting my summary together and now I have to see if I can add a voice to my movie. As I sit here writing I have spent some time reflecting on the class, what was taught and then what I actually learned. A couple of really important things come to mind. As Allan just wrote to me – SHARING!!! Very big idea. I didn’t really do much of this before as a professional. Not because I didn’t want to but rather because I didn’t think anyone would really want it. I am in such a different mindset now. It isn’t really up to us to decide if others would want it – that is up to them to decide – but I can offer. There is a great saying – what you put out there you reap 10 fold. so true. Dean Shareski shared some great quotes:

“Can I find your best work online?” Shareski

“It is no longer enough to do powerful work if no one sees it.” Chris Lehmann

“Sharing, and sharing online specifically, is not in addition to the work of being an educator. It is the work.” Ewan McIntosh

“”If there is no sharing there is no teaching.” David Wiley

And my favourite and mind-changing quote for me:   “If you see the internet as a place to look things up you are missing the best part.” Shareski

The second big idea is Sensemaking and Wayfinding. I love those terms. Now instead of information being packaged in nice little parcels such as books, magazines and newspapers it is fragmented on a global scale. The good news is that I have immediate access to it – if I can find it – hence the term wayfinding. Making my way through the fragments, collecting, connecting and organizing them into a logical sequence for understanding. There lies the term sensemaking. These are new skills.

If I was to pick third big idea it would have to be social media and the importance it can play in a professionals life. It can help to answer questions, provide feedback and endow knowledge. It can help us connect to peers, professionals and other academics. Social networking can indeed make you a more effective and efficient professional.

We talked about Web 2.0 tools, that was really overwhelming, yes we talked about global learning, and the role of the educator (Stephen Downes, I struggle with his presentation) and we talked about how we learn and why we teach.

I think I teach to inspire. 

I teach because I want to continually learn.

Why do you teach?



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8 responses to “You Can Teach an Old Girl. . .

  1. 22 years of shift work was more than enough! All joking aside, apart from the ergonomics of it, I really love learning with the young people, watching them grow in confidence and ability from nervous unsure students into confident competent professionals.

  2. Dean groom

    Every great artist was a teacher, either directly or indirecty creativity, self expression, culture and movements are intrinsically creative and well with sharing and teaching. Everything else is irrelevant.

  3. I’m an “idea person”. I share ideas and experiences freely. I am now better at telling those I share with that they are free to take or leave any or all the ideas! Sometimes, those we share with think we expect them to incorporate our ideas or practices. I find it helpful just to explicitly say… these are just idea- you decide if you can use any of them.

  4. For the buzz of seeing some people take an idea and make it more awesome than you ever imagined.

  5. Hi Cathy,

    Good post, and a great question! Here’s my attempt to answer:

    I teach because I love my subject, English;
    I teach because it is a privilege to help young people grow into the adults they will become;
    I teach so I can learn about people;
    I teach because I love sharing the things I’ve learned;
    I teach because I can help young people see things that are there but hidden until I am given the opportunity to show the way;
    I teach because it makes me a better person;
    I teach because I can!

    Hope my reasons give you something to think about, and never forget that no matter how demanding the job becomes (and it does), no matter how unvalued you think you have become (and you will), and no matter how often you get that sense of déjà vu as you explain the same thing over and over again to a learner who is struggling (it does happen), you are making a difference and you are changing the world.

    Good luck on your journey.

  6. SterkenJ

    I teach because it is where I am whole and complete. I was called to teach. It fulfills me.
    Teaching is a second career for me, but I have always been a teacher…I was a tutor at college, a corporate instructor, a college professor and now a high school teacher. I studied illustration and Architecture but always seemed to be showing other people how to do ‘stuff’. It’s where I could be helpful and sometimes show off. Now I get to spend every day working with students who want to be architects and engineers and designs and inspire them to follow their dreams. I love it.

  7. I teach because I get to look at myself in the mirror every day and actually know that I will really help someone that day. It isn’t always going to be the big ideas each and every day … sometimes it’s just the mundane. But that’s ok, some of my students need the obvious pointed out to them.

    I teach because that was the way I was brought up. I am incredibly lucky and each day is a chance to pay back my father and my grandfather.

    I teach because I think I’m good at it; so far my bosses think I’m good at it, too.

    I teach because I get to be a good dad and a good role model and a good person with the money they pay me.

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