What a Wrap

Class has just ended and it actually got quite emotional. I was surprised because none of us have met before. Oh sure we have commented on each others blogs, tweeted and commented during class but, hmmmmmm.

I sort of like the feeling that a lot of people still want to stay connected. Perhaps all this openness creates closeness.

Changing the topic, literacy is one of our divisions goals.

Digital literacy, media literacy, critical literacy, information literacy, traditional literacy, visual literacy, networking literacy are familiar literacies that many of us use to communicate, interpret, and evaluate information for understanding. They provide us a means in which to create and the ability to pose questions globally.   At the foundation of all these literacies is traditional literacy: reading, writing, speaking, listening, representing and viewing. We use the components of traditional literacy within the context of the emerging literacies. Learning has begun to be less procedural and more navigational, we immerse ourselves and delve into learning new literacies. We move through the learning process trying to find our way to an understanding in order to communicate and create.

I have found this class to be one of the most difficult classes that I have ever taken. I am such a newbie to all of these tools and literacies and it feels like I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. I often felt alone and frustrate a lot – and no one was to blame.  I like to do my learning independently. I rather enjoy the challenge of trying to figure things out on my own and find success. It’s empowering!

I think what I found so overwhelming in this class is that there was soooooo much to absorb. I just couldn’t keep up with all of the work at times. I tried to read everyone’s bloggs and was able to read several eachweek. It is difficult to do while you are also trying to figure out all of these cool tools that we have been introduced to as well as keep up with the real work stuff that I get paid to do. 🙂  I often put in 12 hour days, as do many of us. Time management is key.

I do love blogging now, but I will have to admit I ran into trouble is some of the templates and would start and stop, start and stop – delete etc. and YIKES there goes 3 weeks! I am still such a newbie, I try to remember to tweet, but I often don’t have my phone on me or I am at work and can not take the risk there I work at the Division office. Besides I am actually so busy at work I simply do not have the time. perhaps when I really need some help or advice/insight into a situation I will tweet it to see what others are thinking but that is an entirely different mindset. I wish I was there . . . but alas I am not . . . yet.

I know I will keep blogging – because I like the anonymity of it and like to hear what others think and I don’t have to see them face to face. I am thinking hard about going back into the classroom next year and I will without a doubt create a blog for each of my students so that we can communicate back and forthand they can post thier work to a global audience. I had to do a presentation this week that looked at global learning and global citizenship which is so tied in with what I have learned in this class and I am excited to share. Sharing is key. As we heard tonight it’s not just about creating great work – we need to share it. And how many times have we heard teachers say “you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.”

PS though I am terrified about presenting my summary to the class. I am very nervous because everyone seems so above me I am worried that I just won’t fit in. I will try to remember that this is my journey and its about my growth – which seems huge to me, but might not to someone else.

Check out my final project at http://learningconsultanthtcsd.wordpress.com/ The premise of my project is to showcase teachers from our division. I want to showcase 2 per month. I have written up 4 and I have 2 more that I would like to do before the end of December. Its fun to do this, teachers really appreciate having someone take the time to genuinely be interested in what they are doing and what they think. They also like the idea that they can pose a question. Let me know what you think  . . . . . . .



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2 responses to “What a Wrap

  1. Cathy,
    I also found the class moved very quickly. Learning all the tools, reading blogs, trying to do all this while running a school, marrying off two of my daughters and everything else that comes with living a full life, at times left me feeling stretched and less than connected. However, I learned a ton and realized how more open my mind has become to the importance of sharing and putting myself out there. This course is certainly true to it’s name and I am richer for being a part of it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sarah

    hey Cathy,

    I found this class overwhelmingly positive in the sense that I now have so many tools and resources at my fingertips. I like to think of this class as my beginning to a different way of teaching and learning and therefore, my journey is only just beginning. Don’t be afraid for your presentation. Your learning is yours but it should be presented how you feel comfortable!

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