Faster Than a Speeding Bullet!!!!!

Oh my Gosh!
Just finished my online class and Alec suggested we blog so I took that to mean now. My head is spinning. The opportunities that we have to engage our students is over the top outstanding! The ways in which we can differentiate our instructional practices is almost unlimited based on what I have seen tonight.

Ooops sorry there is some limit – me.

Let me think–for the last two weeks I have tried very hard to work with Presi’s. I had seen others use it and I thought why not, there had to be easy tutorials, steps to follow etc. Hmmmm! I have never been so frustrated. I like to do things fast, click, click, click. Most programs are pretty intuitive and it doesn’t take long to figure them out. But I keep running up against walls. Kids almost seem to have a 7th sense when it comes to learning and understanding the finer details of using all these new tools. 

So now my question becomes . . . who taught these kids to think like that? I am almost done my Masters of Education and I don’t think like that. These kids are 12 year olds and don’t get frustruated with the software, they just click, and–wala, presto, it works. With a few more clicks they are adding bells and whistles. How do they do this? What strategies have they learned and where did they learn them? I don’t remember teaching them this? Is it simply perseverence? I don’t think so because then they would show signs of frustration or become disengaged.

This is the part that I love about teaching. We don’t need to know. Our students can be our greatest teachers. However, right now I find myself in a situation of not having a classroom. I am a consultant that probably should be showing other teachers all these wonderful tools. This seems like it is going to take me forever because Alan showed us so many amazing tools!! If I had a class I could put them into  groups and have each group use a different tool and then I would learn so very fast. But alas . . .

Although this may sound negative, I am most definitely not. I look at this like a challenge. I can learn these things, but maybe not all and not right away. I will try some, glogster, blabberize just looks cool beyond mention, and a digital story telling tool. It’s time for me to try to find someway to present my summary of learning to keep the class engaged for 5 minutes and that actually demonstrates all that I have really learned. It’s amazing! I am blogging, which I still can’t believe. I am taking an online class MOOC actually and loving the freedom that comes with it. Not having to drive into Regina during bad weather or a long day at work is so freeing and allows me to really enjoy the class-because I am relaxed. I do wish that I had my own classroom because some of the teachers in this MOOC are doing some amazing things with their bloggs.  Thanks for the inspiration everyone.

I think the big question I want to put out there this week is what would be a good tool to use for presenting the summary effectively??? What are you going to use????



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7 responses to “Faster Than a Speeding Bullet!!!!!

  1. Hi Cathy, You asked how kids developed the skills to figure these tools out quickly. I’m not sure, but I think it has something to do with the feedback loop. When we grew up, most of the “feedback” we received had negative consequences – it was received in public, yielded bad marks or somehow reflected negatively on us as persons. Feedback our kids have been receiving through games, etc has been objective feedback and they always can try again. They are encouraged to use the feedback to learn and they do! They are also not afraid that they’ll break something or erase everything if they click the wrong button. Most of us don’t want to make a mistake and want to do it right the first time with 0 learning curve… how realistic is that?

    Your second question – presenting the summary effectively. I’m still mulling the tool around in my head, but have got my outline together. I was thinking of using voicethread, but now I might use the mixbook to tell my story. I am waffling between using a tool I already know and one that is new. I also really like xtranormal and the animation tools. I may combine a few tools such as starting with a voki talking avatar, then using a mixbook for the main story. I still mulling it around… but getting to work on the script!

    • I agree with the feedback always being negative and now it is so much more constructive.
      Ok so now I definitely feel out of place I don’t even know what a lot of these tools are YIKES. I was thinking about voicethread but have never used it.

  2. I am using Animoto. I like the simplicity of it. It’s pretty easy to drop in pictures and text. I don’t like having to pay for it, but I think Alec and Alan said there is a teacher free link. There ins’t an easy way to add a lot of text. I am still working on how to time the music with the slides and my speech. Next step is to add a video cilp.

    • Hey Sarah – there is a free educator account at the bottom of the page under “education”. I signed up and it just asks for your school, school email address, etc. I agree – I didn’t like that you can’t add much text to Animoto. I guess you could take a blank background in photoshop or something and add text, then upload it, but I think it would be a better program if it was easier to add more text.

  3. I am still thinking of using Prezi for my Summary of Learning. I do agree that it is somewhat difficult to figure out. I have played around with it a bit but I am thinking that I will scrap what I have already done and start over. Hopefully I have left myself enough time to make it look god.

  4. Not sure what I can suggest, but as you saw in Alan’s session, there are so many great tools available. Find something that you find easy (enough) to use, but that allows you to express yourself in a way that feels comfortable. The tool shouldn’t control the narrative – try your best to find something that allows you communicate naturally, but in a rich way.

    I look forward to your reflection!

    • Thaks Alec I am such a newbie at all this and others are soooo advanced I am terrified. As I just said in my post its my journey and its about the growth. I really will try hard. Thanks again.

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