Working Double Time

I feel like I have been working double time or maybe even more than that. Trying keep up with this blog, read blogs from others, research and the create the final product or and yes try to come up with something creative to share as a summary – fair warning mine is going to be very rough.

I invite you to take a look at final project. I thought that it would be cool to showcase teachers in our division, which I started to and then I added some professional reading, links to science resources for elementary teachers(my favourite part-just because I love science and it doesn’t feel like work)

Take a peek and let me know what you think. . . .  but remember it is a work in progress.




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5 responses to “Working Double Time

  1. Hi Cathy,
    Love the idea of a showcase. I took a peek and have a few questions you may want to consider. I think it is a great step to show the work in progress and get feedback before you’ve done oooddddles of work.

    How will you set this site up? I see a number of links, but I’m not clear on who shared them, how can I get more information? How do these links tie into their lessons? etc. Are you planning to do a blog post with each interview?

    I am wondering about the organization of a blog that includes all these links… I’m not sure it is the best tool for that type of sharing but definitely see it as a great way to post the conversations or interviews you have with teachers. Perhaps a wiki or a google site would be a better tool to use to help organize all the resources you find and that teachers also share. A wiki also has the power of being a collaborative workspace so teachers could continue to add resources to the site as they find them.

    Looking forward to seeing how your project develops – the idea of a virtual showcase is great!

    • Hmmmm some things to think about most definitely.
      My project is sort of evolving. Although it has started out as a teacher highlight piece I thought that maybe if other teachers visited the blog I could also provide them with other links. I am asked sooooo many times in a day do you have any resources. I thought this would be a start for me to share with others online. I did have a web page years ago in composer but I simply do not have the time right now to use those other resources and set them up. Seeing the class requirement was for a blog . . . I did it this way and as Dean Shareski said in tonights class its all about the sharing. I suppose I could take the links off but would I be doing that to make you happy? It wouldn’t make me happy.

      • Hi Cathy. I can relate to getting requests for links and resources as that happens all the time to us in the Teaching & Learning Centre too. My question relates to is the blog the best way to share links? Wondering if using other tools may help organize the links so that they are searchable and easier to find. I imagine this list will grow and wondering how it will maintain its usefulness as a long list of links. As an example, see what Jane Hart has done here with her Twitter Resources including Reading Lists.

        In the Teaching & Learning Centre, we went to great lengths to develop web pages with links to great resources and categorized them for others to use. What we discovered was that the web site still needed to be promoted as staff’s preference was just to ask us anyway. All the time and effort to find the links and create the web pages was not really effective. They would ask colleagues in the program area and then ask us – they did not go to the website unless we directed them there. Just food for thought.

  2. Great beginning on this project, Cathy. I think Laura (above) asks some key questions around organization. I’m wondering, also, are you allowed to have photos of teachers if they are willing? I saw Bradie Mann’s page, and I felt that it would be nice to see a photo when featuring a person. I am wondering if that was a personal preference, a board policy, or for other reasons.

  3. I actually didn’t even want to ask to put a pic up I felt like I was invading her privacy. I guess I could ask, but then others who aren’t willing to share . . . I just hate putting people on the spot. I wouldn’t put mine up. so . . . .

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