Fragmented Society – Really?

I just read that the world’s population hit 7 billion and that’s astounding since it wasn’t long ago people were making a big thing about the population reaching 6 billion. I wonder what effects this will bring as you know we are exponentially on our way to be 8 billion even sooner. Water, food and shelter are givens. What might be interesting though is how our ability to communicate instantly around the world could indeed help to solve some of the problems that could arise.

There are schools who use twitter, facebook, youtube etc to get the ‘word’ out there in regards to social justice issues. I know in my last post I was concerned about all the technology and tools that are out there and that I was more than a little bit intimidated by all of them. However, with this glooming world issue in front of us I think it is going to be technology that might be the answer that many of us use to help those who will be in need and give a voice to the ones who need it the most.  What do you think?



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3 responses to “Fragmented Society – Really?

  1. We cover globalization and resources and government in Social Studies 7, among other courses as well I’m sure. I wish I would have been able to find a way to use technology to better connect the students to the reality of others on this planet. I think it is very difficult for us to comprehend because our reality is clean air, space and more food than we can eat. I fully support trying to create global citizens that understand that a famine in Africa does, in fact, impact us here at home. Maybe the only way to truly have people understand, myself included, is to travel and experience it or connect directly (using technology) with someone experiencing the consequences first-hand.

  2. I do think that technology will be an important part of building a more socially just world. We’ve talked many times in our class about community, networks, and connections — and I strongly believe that it is through our connections to others that we will change the world. I think the current Occupy Wall Street protests are a great example of this. People from around the world are expressing a common frustration — and each person has discovered, through social media primarily (because the mainstream media ignored it for so long), that they are not ALONE. That is so, so powerful.

  3. courosa

    Those with the access to technology will play the biggest part in shaping our future world. Those without tech, or with the necessary literacies, will sit on the sidelines and their interests will be negated. Ignoring the technology as a passing fad will only ensure your voice gets lost in our future.

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