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For several days I have been wracking my brain to come up with a final project that I could use in my professional life as well. I thought that seeing I would be putting in so much time on it I really wanted it to count. At first I wanted to create a blog that had several pages, one for each of the areas that I look after as a Learning Consultant with my school division. Ok, so maybe not all the areas, but science, First Nations and Metis, Social Studies and In-Motion were going to be my starting point.

The first bad news I received was from Alec. He said that although that might be something that would work professionally it would probably be only me posting. It would be difficult to engage others to comment and interact.

Rethink, Rethink, Rethink!

I still very much want this to be something that could create and be useful for teachers.

How to engage? How to engage? How to engage? How to engage?

I began to look at other science teacher’s blogs. What was everyone else doing? Experiments, labs, student work were posted. Teachers would talk about what they were doing in their classrooms, what worked, what didn’t. I searched so many blogs. Some were awesome, some, well let’s say they could use work.

Then I looked at how many comments they were receiving. How many people took the time to interact with these dedicated professionals.
Zero, zip! Even the awesome sites weren’t receiving comments. Then I stumbled across a site that was highlighting/showcasing teachers.
It provide a place to show what teachers were doing in their classrooms. It provided pictures of the students work and included lessonplans to share with other teachers. I loved it.
Often teachers are stuck in their own world and are not recognized for all the hard work that they do. Teachers are amazing. They create, create, create. This blog provided a place for allowing teachers to standout. To share. To have a voice.

I am now thinking that that is what I will do with my final project. I would like to showcase 2 teachers a month, provide a brief biography, talk about what they are working on in science as well as ask questions pertaining to their pedagogy. I would end with posing a question to other teachers that the teacher I was showcased would ask.

I thought that once I had finished blogging about a teacher I would put it out on twitter and the email the teachers in the division to have a look, get involved, comment.

Let me know what you think – please. And if you have any ideas how to generate interaction from other teachers please let me know.



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16 responses to “Getting Others Involved

  1. I like the idea of showcasing teachers – especially as part of letting those teachers showcase learners and what they’re creating. Your post made me go back to some notes I’d made in talking with friends ahead of starting a blog at work (a teaching and learning center) – one of my notes with extra stars in the margin was to line up ahead of the term a number of contributors and/or people to interview for the first semester so I didn’t have to struggle for ideas at deadlines (acted on that one), the second starred item was to line up a handful of folks for the second term who would be responders/readers/commentors – people who I know are good at feedback and need also some encouragement to become writers of posts themselves. I wonder if that might be useful for both of our blogs?

  2. I love this idea! I am such a huge supporter of celebrating teachers and what a wonderful and helpful way to do so. As a teacher I can not think of anything greater than praise from a peer! I am so excited to read about what others are doing – even if it’s not in my subject area!

    • Wow thanks. I have been pretty successful in finding teachers. They all seem to like the idea. All too often there are genius’s behind those closed classroom doors. And I really want to give them credit for all their hard work.

  3. I also love the idea. As a teacher having to teach science again for the first time in at least six years, I would love to visit the site and see what others are doing. Might save me some hours of searching time!

    I really appreciate IleneDawn’s comment about lining people up to respond and comment. I have been posting my blog to twitter and facebook but thus far the only responses are coming from those involved in ECI831, which isn’t a bad thinkg, but I really think the goal of the blog is to be reflective from many perspectives and really “put it out there.”

  4. What a great idea – highlighting your peers…no one knows them better. The idea of building a larger PLN maybe can start with building a stronger community at home. We have great partners in teaching and learning right in our own backyard as well as the big electronic yard we all share. I would love to see this in action.
    My idea for a final project is…pending YIKES! #eci831

  5. Great idea for a project (as we’ve already discussed). Will you have a new space for this? Let us know when you get that space posted – we’re keen to see what you create with your colleagues!

    • Sorry I didn’t respond until now, out of town at my parents and —- no internet – yikes!
      I am going have a new place and as soon as I get it organized I will let you know. I already have lined up 2 teachers. One is an intern who is out of this world, so hopefully she will inspire others.

  6. What a great idea! Teaching is often a “lonely” profession in that although the students see what you do every day, your coworkers and colleagues often do not. I love the idea of reading about and learning from other teachers. Good luck!

  7. I too think this is a great idea. I know there are many teachers that are doing great work in all subject areas. When I was apart of SPEA we really had a hard time getting others to nominate phys ed teachers for awards. I am not sure what the provincial organization for science is in the province, but I would bet they would love to connect to your project as well. Great idea.

  8. onepercentyellow

    did you see this post this week? Amazing talk that Alec put up. @angelamaiers speaks about #youmatter – two words that show people that you have noticed their hard work and that they are worth it. It really takes so little some times to make a huge difference – and to give folks that little boost they need to keep going and to do even more!

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