I Am Learning Sooooo Much From All Of You!!!

Tactic knowledge, transactional trust, social capital, positive defiance  are just some of the new terms and knowledge I am beginning to understand as I read through our classrooms blogs. PHEW!

 When I posted my previous post I still was coming to grips with the whole virtual environment, the time consumption and putting myself out there. (Where ever out there is).

As I sit at my computer, having turned off the disgusting Rider game (40 -3 what the heck is that????) I realize that I can participate if I want. I can learn  anothers tactic knowledge and comment or not. The important thing I find is that if I comment on what is being said I internalize the knowledge. It begins to make better sense to me. Much different than reading and article and then writing a paper because this is more casual, but to me carry’s more/deeper meaning somehow because I am constructing it for myself.

I think as a educator it is becoming apparent that we need to offer both environments for students to learn. This is their world now. We need to use it to our advantage.

I just commented on a blog where there was a cell phone incident in the hallways of a school. Kids were purposely provoking a student in order to record and then post the incident on YouTube. At first thought I would have taken the cell phone away and wholeheartedly agreed with banning them. However as I stated in my reply, as educators we need to teach these students how to use technology appropriately. That is why they are doing what they are doing with it, because no one has shown them the right way or the more thoughtful appropriate way to use technology.

I may be wrong and I know that a lot of teachers and parents don’t think that cells phones should be allowed in school, in the classroom and be used during class. Maybe not to text their friend but … what do you think? Do you think that this is managable ?  I waiver but I don’t think we are left with much choice. Let me know what you think – I really would like to know.



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11 responses to “I Am Learning Sooooo Much From All Of You!!!

  1. At my school cell phones are not allowed but there are many instances where I encourage my students to use them. Instances include, calculator for math, calendar for planning purposes, taking a picture for projects and music for work periods. I find that as long as there are clear expectations, the students are willing to follow them. It is important to teach the proper and acceptable use of technology but completely banning it all together is definitely not helping anyone.

  2. Racquel

    The best policy that I have heard was the policy of “Appropriate use of technology”. So it wasn’t that cell phones and ipod’s were banned in and of themselves but were the students using them appropriately. Texting during class would be not appropriate but looking up information to share with the class or taking a picture of a completed project to blog on later would be very appropriate uses of technology. I thought it was a great change of thought.

    • Racquel, I think that is the new philosophy we all need to come to its our duty is teachers to teach students to use technology – anything – appropriately.
      Thanks for your reply

  3. I agree wholeheartedly that they key is to teach appropriate use…cell phones and technology is not going away – the sooner we come to grips with that concept and embrace technology in all that we do the sooner we can truly engage students in something they are passionate about.

  4. I’m actually going to a conference this month about this. I will let you know what I find out. Here is the link for it.


  5. Tracie

    I think they can be a good tool for learning and here is a resource you may find helpful:


  6. I am currently writing (or trying to write) a thesis on using mobile learning to enhance learning in Social Studies. So next week, I am taking the students out to the park near our school to map out the trenches using GPS apps. Then it’s off to the Military Museums here in Calgary, where their phones can take pictures and capture video for later use. And I hope to get them recording a journal entry from the perspective of a Canadian soldier. Will it work? Hopefully. But I am keen to show these high school students that their cellphones and tablets are capable of so much more than checking to see who has changed their profile picture on Facebook…

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