So Much Fun

Last night I spent about 3 hours going through some of the class readings and again felt a little like a fish out of water. From what I read you need to network, collaborate offer others your advice/opinion. I really am a work-by-myself type of person when it comes to school work. I get the assignment, I figure it out and create. This seems a bit out of my realm. I also am not one to journal in fact I don’t so this sort of feels painful. However with that said . . .  I have discovered how to use wordpress and can see a great, huge, gigantic tool that I can use to reach teachers, students and parents with up to date information as well as some pretty cool ideas. I can showcase the lastest science and technology. I can also offer resources for teachers to integrate First Nations and Metis ways of knowing into their pedagogy. I can see now the only limitation is my imagination.

I also now understand why a blog is so useful, because there are virtually millions of ideas out there from people who are just waiting to share. So from there I would like to ask how do I attach a You Tube video to my blog that includes a screen shot if that is even possible. If you know could you please send me the instructions I would really like to include some science videos on my blog . . .



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