Great Second Class

Well all I can say is that after our second class some of my anxieties are calmed. Moving around in WordPress isn’t difficult but it can take up a lot of time just trying to decide upon what you want your page to do and say as well as how it looks.
The interactive map that contained balloons of all the people taking the class is something that I have to show other educators so they can WOW their students. Can you imagine this on a SmartBoard!!
I look forward to the continue growth that we are all going to be experiencing during these next few weeks and I truly look forward to hear from anyone who enjoys what I am creating or would like to offer me some suggestions to help improve my blog. So have a great week and I look forward to hearing for all your creative voices . . .



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2 responses to “Great Second Class

  1. Cathy — one of the nice features of WordPress is that you can let the various components of your blog evolve over time. Find something new that you like, add it in. Decide that you want to change the theme? Done. Want to add a new page at some point? Add a new page. There’s no huge need to have everything planned out in advance. You may find that how you want your blog to work, and what you want it to say, will emerge over time. Blogs are nice that way!

  2. Hi, I use wordpress and edublogs (the same platform) for my class websites, so let me know if I can do anything to help!

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