Nothing is impossible, the word itself says: I’m possible!

Well I started my first online class yesterday evening with apprehension and curiosity. Much to my surprise I was able to maneuver through the technology with little trouble. I am really looking forward to learning how to incorporate what I learn during this class in my work. I want to establish a blog that I can maintain that provides teachers with support, resources and ideas to engage and motivate their students and importantly relieve the stress and work from their shoulders.

I suppose  I could have done all this on my own, but with starting a new job, moving, gutting a house etc I just haven’t taken the time to do so. This is why this class is such a wonderful opportunity for me to actually take the time to learn and create while working toward the completion of my masters degree.

So bare with me please as I begin to find my way in the learning and creation process. If anyone has some cool ideas for me to include on my blog don’t hesitate to comment. I really would like the suggestions.



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2 responses to “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says: I’m possible!

  1. Sarah

    Hello Cathy,

    Thanks so much for the youtube clip you added to this blog. After almost ten years, I just again started teaching Science to my grade 8 class. I will be following and looking up Steve Spangler for sure. I am even thinking about exploding pumpkin carvings this year!

  2. We’re here for your Cathy. We really look forward to reading more from you throughout the class.

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